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Hey, this is jeromy!

It’s been quite a journey getting to where I am today. After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 2007 with degrees in Finance and Accounting, I spent almost a decade working for different companies, ranging from accounting firms to transport businesses. I climbed the corporate ladder, eventually becoming a CFO, only to realize something was missing.

Unethical practices at the company I worked for pushed me to leave and I’d never thought I’d end up where I did – bankrupt and moving in with my in-laws in their double-wide trailer in Kansas. While this was the lowest point in my life financially, it also was a blessing in disguise.

It became the turning point.

You see, prior to all this happening, I kept doing pursuing things purely for notoriety. In high school, I took Advanced Placement courses because it was a logical next step that my school and family wanted me to take. Or when I was in college, when I decided engineering was too difficult and pursued accounting, the most respected profession was to become a financial statement auditor at a public accounting firm… so that’s what I did. I never really took the time to decide what I wanted, and what I wanted to do, and to determine what exactly my purpose was in this world and how I wanted to contribute to it.

I decided I wanted to get a taste of the business and sales world. After all, marketing and sales are what drive an organizations top line. Without sales, there is no money to work with and therefore, no real business. So, the quickest way to dive in was…..{drum roll}…. Network Marketing!

I will say… Network Marketing or MLM, gets a bad wrap. While, yes, the primary goal is to market and sell to your warm market; It is really the foundation to what any large business tries to do. To market and sell their products to people they are able to reach.

While getting involved with the MLM organization, I began to invest in myself. I learned digital marketing, social media advertising, building sales funnels, and on and on. For the first time, I was actually in a pursuit of knowledge that I wanted to learn. It wasn’t a path that was set for me because it was what I was “supposed” to do… no, this was a path that I was hungry to be on.

My wife and I did fairly well at the MLM. We hit Diamond level fairly quickly, which qualified us for a $10,000 bonus with that company. We were on our way to hitting double Diamond, when we started to feel the burnout. We were working day and night, posting on social media, cold messaging people, and trying to portray a glamorous care free life {while living with our in-laws in the middle of nowhere Kansas). The inauthenticity of it all caught up to us, and we also realized how hard it is to build up recurring revenue when the product you’re selling is only $100 or less, and the commission you earn on that product is 30% or less. We were basically working for hours just to earn a small $30 or less commission.

This led me to eventually becoming a licensed insurance agent, helping families with their life insurance needs. This business was VERY similar to the MLM model we were used to at the previous organization, however, the commission rate was WAY higher. It was 80% initially (eventually I was getting paid 130% comissions…. YES, more that 100%… CRAZY RIGHT?!?). While, this all may sound insane, this commission structure is unique to the life insurance world.

In addition to the commission being MUCH better. The way you acquired business was much better as well. While you could definitely sell to your friends and family, the organization I worked with had leads! What are Leads? They’re simply contact information of individuals who have expressed interest in the life insurance products I was selling. So, all I had to do was invest in some leads, and I had people to call and meet with to present the life insurance product I was selling. {I was so glad that I didn’t have to spam my friends and family anymore…. lol)

Through hard work, determination, and the support of my family, I eventually made enough money to create stability in income and moved us out of the trailer and relocated to Meridian, Idaho.

Although I was successful in my insurance business, I realized that there was a frustrating lack of reliable lead sources in the industry. My family and I had moved to Idaho based on the false assurance that there would be plenty of leads available in the area. Feeling misled and desperate, I decided this was something that needed to change.

I spent countless hours and resources on digital marketing training and understanding the true potential of Facebook as a lead generation platform. My hard work paid off as I started generating my own leads, free from the dependence on my previous IMO.

This breakaway from my dilemma made me realize that there were probably countless others in a similar position. That’s why I created GetFEXLeads.com and The Lead Gurus – to help others access reliable, independent Facebook leads, and to help families achieve financial freedom.

Since starting The Lead Gurus, I’ve personally generated over 300,000 leads that have produced over $7,000,000 in revenue. I’ve also helped other organizations generate over 500,000 leads by managing their ads and marketing systems, optimizing their lead generation strategies for lower costs and increased conversions. As a recognized authority in my field, I’ve had the honor of speaking on stage at multiple 8 and 9-figure organizations and have been awarded three prestigious 2 Comma Club awards from Clickfunnels.

Today, as a lead generation expert, I continue to strive to empower individuals who feel stuck, just like I once did. Whether you’re looking to quit your 9-5 job, get out of debt, or simply make enough money to take your family on a dream vacation, I want to help you achieve your goals. I’ve felt the invisible force holding me down and I’ve overcome it, and now it’s my mission to help you do the same through effective lead generation strategies.

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Recommend his services hands down! I tried his service as a last ditch effort. I invested in his leads and boom my business Sky rocketed. I went from chasing leads to people scheduling trying to talk to me! He’s honest and gives a lot of advice without seeking for repayment. In this business you don’t have a lot of friends, but I consider Jeromy a true friend in the business. Try him out, you will not regret it!
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Story of My Life


2008: graduated from Oklahoma State University

I graduated with Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Accounting & Finance. Then started my career as an auditor.


2017: Left Job As CFO

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2019: Multiple 7-Figures Online

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